Owners and managers – Does your business require a tune up or an overhaul?

Management need to ensure that their business is robust, durable and in a position to make the most of potential opportunities for growth in today’s challenging economic climate. Increased regulation, volatile markets and growing demands from all stakeholders are all adding to the pressures of a highly competitive market place.

Laumarc Securities has experience of working with companies facing complex and demanding issues. Whether this is renegotiation of existing financing; options around under performing parts of the business; effective management of cash and working capital or strategies for business improvement – our team and contacts have the capability to provide positive and constructive strategies.

Our approach is tailored to the situation facing the client – be it an imminent cash crisis or more long-term causes of underperformance. With our team's individual experience and reputation with a number of lenders, we are well placed to act as independent brokers during restructuring negotiations between a company and its creditors.

Relevance to you

  • Do you need clarity around causes of long-term underperformance?
  • Are you experiencing cash flow or headroom pressure?
  • Are you restricted from investing in expansion programmes because of current debt structures or lack of additional finance?
  • Are there parts of your current group structure that are proving to be unprofitable?

Lenders – Is your rolling loan gathering loss?

The changing economic and business environment is leading to high volatility and uncertainty; market features that are affecting large quoted companies to SMEs (Small to Medium Sized Enterprises) and consumers.

  • Are you a lender with concerns over a company in your portfolio?

We can provide the “safe pair of hands” to work alongside management and shareholders to ensure that everyone's interests coincide.

For an initial free consultation contact us at: mailto: info@laumarc.com