Company Secretarial Service

Whilst it is no longer necessary for every limited company to have a Company Secretary there are still a number of regulatory matters that need to be complied with as well as a variety of tasks crucial to the smooth running of the company, which includes ensuring that the company’s statutory obligations are complied with. Our charges will depend upon what services you require so contact us for a without obligation quotation.

We can provide support to ensure that these important statutory requirements are fulfilled, leaving the day to day running of the company to the directors. We can also ensure that all the company’s statutory requirements are met, including the filing of the accounts and annual returns (subject to the receipt of all requisite documents).

We can also assist in the preparation of other documents in respect of changes to the company structure as and when they occur. Such matters will include allotment of shares, transfer of shares and appointments and resignations of officers, for example:

  1. Maintaining the Register of Directors (and Secretary if there is one)
  2. Issuing share certificates and recording transfers of shares
  3. Maintaining the Register of members and Debenture Holders
  4. Arranging for charges to be registered and recorded in the Register of Charges
  5. Preparation and submission of the Annual Return
  6. Filing of documents at the Companies Registry including changes of registered office, changes of directors and secretary (if there is one).

Registered Office Service

£120 per year + VAT

Every company must have a Registered Office at which official documents can be served  and this address should be displayed on all business letterheads and order forms of the company.

The Registered Office address need not be the company’s place of business but official documents, such as documents from a court, are normally served on a company at its Registered Office, and official correspondence is usually sent to the Registered Office, for example official letters from the Inland Revenue and the Registrar of Companies.

We can make the address of Laumarc Securities Limited available to be used as the Registered Office of your company and we can receive all important correspondence, advise you of its implications and either forward it on to you or arrange for it to be dealt with on your behalf.

Written Resolutions

For various reasons you may at some time wish to change elements of your company’s constitution. The legal way to formalise such changes is by Written Resolution, with a signed copy formally filed at Companies House. Laumarc Securities is able to provide Written Resolutions and file at Companies House covering most changes of this type.

Common subjects for a Written Resolution are:

Changes to the company’s capital and governance structure

  • to create different classes of shares
  • to add or remove paragraphs from the Memorandum or Articles
  • to change paragraphs within the Memorandum or Articles

Change of Name

£50 per change + VAT & Companies House Filing fees

Your company’s details are filed at Companies House under the original incorporation number, which never changes once your company has been registered. However, it is possible to change your company name (subject to availability and approval of the chosen name). A company name change must be approved by the Directors and will be confirmed by a Change of Name Resolution. Laumarc Securities can handle the change of name on your behalf, issue the required Resolution and obtain the official Change of Name Certificate.

Dormant or Non-Trading Annual Accounts

£25 per set of accounts + VAT

Every company must file a set of accounts each year even if they are dormant or non trading and Companies House form DCA can be used for this purpose. Laumarc Securities can complete these accounts and file them on your behalf after signature by the Directors.